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Product description

Pai Gow is a smooth cross between Jackpot and Take a few nose hits before lighting up. You’ll notice that PP2 grape coming through along with a punch of fresh citrus. We’d bottle the aroma on its own if we could. Pai Gow is an all-day smoke that’ll provide sustained, low-key energy and relaxation without sleepiness. It’s your walking companion. Contemplate the canyons. Or your couch cushions. The fluffy purple-and-green buds were cultivated at Natura Life+Science’s advanced hybrid-indoor grow.


Pai Gow is a rare sativa and a cross between Jackpot and Purple Punch #2. That PP2 grape aroma comes through strongly, along with those of pine cleanser, oranges and fruit that contrast with the sweet, creamy flavor notes. Pai Gow is a mood balancer, bringing on a sustained energy that makes it an excellent daytime smoke. These deep purple-and-green buds were cultivated by the good people at Kind Op Corp.

Pai Gow | Hybrid | Critical Jack x Super Silver Haze | 3.5g | Pai Gow is a crossbreed between Critical Jack and Super Silver Haze. Smelling of pine and all things sweet, Pai Gow is Sativa-dominant with nicely balanced effects. This hard-hitting strain kicks in with a euphoric cerebral high that will leave you feeling invincible in your ventures, oozing with child-like confidence. It comes with a happy, energetic, creative, and busy buzz initially. This strain is most suitable for noon, even early evening use, not too early, and not too late.

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